Interesting Facts About Home
Renovations [infographic]

At Fuhre Construction Ltd., we are so passionate about our renovation services and proud to be a preferred renovation contractor serving the Collingwood, Ontario area that we’re always searching out interesting facts to share with our customers about home renovations. Here are a few that we suspect you might not have heard about. If you want to modernize your home and increase its value, call on us to discuss the home renovation you have in mind.

Interesting Facts About Home Renovations [infographic]

  • Hardwood Floors- Did you know that hardwood floors can last for a century or even longer? It’s true and a really important reason why installing them is such a wise investment.
  • Houses Built Larger- In the 1970s, the average size home being built in Canada was a modest 1,100-square-foot home. In 2010, that number jumped to nearly 2,000 square feet, or closer to 2,500 square feet in some areas of the country. Increasing square footage is a common reason for home renovations.
  • Renovating More Popular- With the high cost of housing and other factors, more than 50 percent of Canadians plan to renovate their home rather than relocate.
  • Energy Efficiency- A common reason for home renovations is to increase energy efficiency. This makes perfect sense as you continually pay yourself back with the energy savings.
  • Young Adults Living with Parents- According to the 2011 Census of Population, 42.3% of young adults aged 20 to 29 live with their parents. That basement renovation is starting to look pretty good now, right?
  • Renovations for Your Health- Whether it is healthier meals at home in your new kitchen, de-stressing in your new sunroom, or having a master bathroom that is a veritable oasis, there are many renovations that can improve your overall health and wellbeing.
  • Renovation Spending on the Rise- The renovation industry has reported increases every year since 1998, and more is spent on renovations than on new home construction.